General Myer Special Education Teacher

Hello, Hope all of you and your families are staying safe and healthy. This online classroom is going to be a little different then what we do in the resource room. I will be available from 8:15 am – 2:30pm, Monday through Friday if you need anything. Please email me as I will be at home working and providing education support to my own children. You are not alone in this new experience and please remember don’t get frustrated with any of the course work, together we will work through it. Please be sure to scroll down all the way and click on the class that was emailed to you.


Daily work

Spelling City (pick a assignement)

Reflex (10 minutes or green light)

Lexia (10-15 minutes)

Read (20 minutes)

Practice sight words (if you have them)


The following are the classroom code for the lesson you are assigned to

Morning Reading google classroom code is: amcz5tq

Morning Math google classroom code is: 5grp3wq

3rd Grade math google classroom code is: madrvm7

4th Grade math google classroom code is: a4jwagk

5th Grade math google classroom code is: 6gybsfq

5th Grade reading google classroom code is: j6xg25a


Those students that receive OT services with Ms. McGuire

OT google classroom code is: xzlpqqj


 Log on at least once a day

READ all directions

Don't be afraid to ask for help





Hello I'm Rachel Busic the Special Education Teacher at Myer Elementary. My husband and I have lived in Arizona for 10 years. We moved here after living in Germany for 5 years with the military. We have three boys ages 20, 16, and 14. Having children of my own, who are completely different from each other has helped me develop a better understanding of my students individual needs and learning styles. As a teacher I believe that your children are my children and I am dedicated to provide them the best services that will meet their individual needs.