Week 2 March 30- April 3, 2020

We will be having our second video class on Tuesday March 31, 2020 at 3 pm. We will be using zoom. I will email out the link for this. Please read over the "Zoom Rules," and the "Zoom Student Directions" prior to the meeting.

Due: Sunday, April 5

Lesson plans for March 30- April 3

Make sure to do daily check-in (Google Classroom)


Here is a suggested schedule to work through the assignments.


Language Arts:

Log on to My View

Read the weekly launch: Infographic assigned, answer the quick write question in the “Notebook” using complete sentences. (My View)

Log on to Spelling City to practice using the vocabulary for the story we will read. (You will test over this Vocabulary on Friday.) The list is in our Google classroom.


Monday: Complete assignments

  • Watch the video “Introlesson12.10” (Google Classroom)
  • 12.10 ISE Student Interactive Video (HMH Player)
  • 12.10 Share and Show (HMH Player)


Language Arts:

Read the assignment (Genre: Informational Test) looking at the Anchor Chart. (My View)

Read or listen to chapter one of Geology: The Study of Rocks. You will find this as an assignment in My View. In the Google Classroom, you can download the audio to listen as you follow along in the book. (My View/Google Classroom)

Answer questions in Google classroom “Geology” The Study of Rocks” (Google Classroom)

Study Vocabulary (Spelling City)


Tuesday: complete assignments

  • 12.10 Practice and Homework (HMH Player)


Language Arts:

Read or listen to the informational text Volcanoes by Seymour Simon (My View)

Study Vocabulary (Spelling City)


Wednesday: complete assignments

  • Watch the video “Introlesson12.11” (Google Classroom)
  • 12.11 ISE Student Interactive Video (HMH Player)
  • 12.11 Share and show (HMH Player)



Language Arts:

Complete Volcanoes by Seymour Simon (My View)

In Google Classroom start writing a one-paragraph summary of the text, Volcanoes. (Google Classroom)


Thursday: complete assignments

  • 12.11 Practice and Homework (HMH Player)


Complete summary of the text, Volcanoes. (Google Classroom)

Take the Vocabulary test (Spelling City)


Friday: complete assignments

  •       12 Post Test Homework (HMH Player)

Mystery Science:

Volcanoes: https://mysteryscience.com/rocks/mystery-1/volcanoes-patterns-of-earth-s-features/53?r=14967753#slide-id-844


Virtual Field Trip on Hawaii Volcanoes:



Please encourage your child to continue reading books at their level and taking AR quizzes on https://hosted61.renlearn.com/256111/ .


As always, your child is encouraged to access Reflex and work on math fact fluency in multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Here is the link for Reflex: https://accounts.explorelearning.com/reflex/studen t?_ga=2.14702832.791236792.1554574963-1922560181.1552486519  


Students area also encouraged to continue earning blue ribbons on Study Island math, ELA, and science at https://app.studyisland.com/cfw/login/ .


Please email me with any questions or concerns. For extra help on assignments, students may also access https://military.tutor.com/home . Thank you!