Mr. Diveley Geff Diveley » Week 8 May 11-17, 2020.

Week 8 May 11-17, 2020.

Note: Please read the notes below

  1. Parents this is the last week of school. Please make sure you know when and how you will turn things in and how to pick up your students’ items from their desks. If you do not please email me.
  2. The class Zoom meeting will be at 3 pm on May 13, 2020. I will post on Remind, and send out an email with the link for this around 2 pm. We will play a pick three game.
  3. Thank you all that have joined Remind, if you have not, please look for the email or send me an email and I will get you set up.
  4. All assignments are due May 18, 2020, for them to count for a grade.

Due: Sunday, May 17, 2020

Lessons are posted in Google Classroom

Assignments for the week



  1. Vocabulary
    1. Go to Spelling City and practice the vocabulary list " My View U5W5 Vocabulary." (Spelling City)
    2. Take the vocabulary test over "My View U5W5 Vocabulary." May 13-17/2020 (Spelling City)
  2. Re-Read the stories "Trashing Paradise" and "Bye Bye Plastic Bags on Bali"
    1. Log on to My view and read the assignment "Trashing Paradise, Bye Bye Plastic Bags on Bali" (My View, pg 581-597)
    2. Complete the "Compare and Contrast: Trashing Paradise and Bye Bye Bags in Bali" (Google Classroom)


  1. Log on to Study Island and take the “ELA Unit Quiz.” (Study Island)


  1. Complete the Escape Room assignment. (Google Classroom)



Optional Assignments:

Recycle Game to play:


Video of How recycling works.


Virtual Field trip for Recycling


As always, your child is encouraged to access Reflex and work on math fact fluency in multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. Here is the link for Reflex: t?_ga=2.14702832.791236792.1554574963-1922560181.1552486519       


Students are also encouraged to continue earning blue ribbons on Study Island math, ELA, and science at  .


Please email me with any questions or concerns. For extra help on assignments, students may also access  .


Thank you!