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Inclement Weather Procedures

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General Myer Elementary School is committed to the safety and security of our students.  The decision of whether the school should or should not follow the inclement weather procedures is the decision of the Administration of the School and is based on the overall concern for the children.

The purpose of this letter is to inform or remind you of the procedures that are followed when inclement weather is called.     


You will receive a laminated card for you to use when picking up your child from our school during inclement weather.  If you will need an extra card, please let the office know.  Please keep it in your car and have it available to give to the staff member assigned to retrieve your child during inclement weather. If for any reason you misplace the card, please write the information requested on a piece of paper to hand to the staff member when asked.  A new card will be made for you.


Our District has a system in place that will initiate a mass text and/or email to parents/guardians notifying you that inclement weather has been called.  Please keep in mind that all efforts will be made to notify you ahead of time and with as much notice as possible.


Drop-off procedure:  Grounds open at 7:40 am


Use the drop off loop located at the front side of our building.  All students will be directed to their classrooms where staff will be on hand to supervise and monitor students until the am bell rings. 


Pick-up procedure:  All students except bus students will be car loop pickup. Release times are 2:40 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and 1:25 pm on Thursdays.  Release times do not change during inclement weather.


We ask that no parents come into our building to pick up their child. With increased traffic, our tile in the main hall can become very slippery. For everyone’s safety, we must have minimal traffic in the hallways.  Please be patient and pick your child up in the normal pick-up loop. 


Bus Riders will be dismissed and taken to their appropriate buses.  All other students will be grouped by grade level and will be walked out by staff to their cars. 


If staff members are not present in the loop, it has been determined that conditions are unsafe for dismissal. Dismissal will continue when conditions are safe.